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  What is Digital Signage.?

Digital Signage is a aterm used to describe visualization of information sequence on electronic screens like LCD/Plasma screens, projector screens, and LED Display Boards.

Pieces of information in digital signage are arranged by a computer application and distributed through a network for a reception and display on local computers that are connected to electronic screens.  more

Telkomsel has operated dynamic digital signage to display information of product at GRApari.. more
SENTRAmedia is a Dynamic Digital Signage System, in the form of a computer software that is specifically designed.. more
GTRonix - kiosk
This is a high-quality e-Kiosk Enclosure, which is made through a development.. more
Annual international exhibition and conference on information and communications technology..Visit us more
GTRONIX - DigitalPlayer
GTRonix Digital Player is a digital signage player box (embedded system, without a PC).. more
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