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Activation SENTRAmedia player
Activation SENTRAmedia Content Manager
Activation SENTRAmedia Billing System

Q : What is SENTRAmedia?
A :
It is a digital signage system that is specifically designed to display messages for target audience on electronic screens (plasma TV, flat screens, LCD screens, LED display boards, and projector screens). SENTRAmedia utilizes computer capacity to process input data and display output results that are attractively accented with graphical effects on electronic screens.
Q : What are the advantages of SENTRAmedia?
A :
SENTRA can collaborate with the company’s IT application and can be integrated with the company’s existing data. Any information change on the IT application can be directly processed and shown on flat panel displays with SENTRAmedia.
SENTRAmedia is designed to include a template-based content editor to speed up and make content designing easier to do.
SENTRAmedia is equipped with a Billing system application. Billing system is an application that is designed for advertising activities.
Q : What can SENTRAmedia application be implemented for?
A :
1. Corporate Communication
2. Queuing System
3. Real Time Data Capture
4. Viewers Polling
5. Scoring Board
6. Stock Boards
7. Monitoring & Controlling
8. Advertising & Announcement
9. Chart Generator
10. Corporate TV Channel

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