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InterLogger is the perfect fit for managing the service quality through the phones, especially for SME (small medium enterprise) and the companies that locate their offices dispersedly. Adopting the advanced embedded device technology, InterLogger breaks the boundary of traditional PC-based loggers. It is almost free from maintenance, and it even delivers robust management and multi-sites operation capability that the competition is running after.

InterLogger is sophisticatedly engineered to be a dedicated hardware platform, eliminating the engagement to a vulnerable computer. Avoiding the uncertainties and hassles of the traditional PC-Based voice logger, dramatically raising the level of stability and security.

InterLogger is packed with industry's most sought after call monitoring and recording features. Including Self-Diagnose functions, email-ready files, truly expediting the system performance and help your business to create better efficiency and productivity.

Following the user-defined rules, InterLogger keeps tracks of the logger storage device, backup storage device, traffic of individual and overall channels, administrator login/logout records, and sends E-mails guarantees the administrator is updated with the system status.

Recording rules can be individually defined for each channel, including VOX, voltage detection, weekly schedule, and continues recording. Recording-on-demand can also be done Real-time with a simple click of your mouse.

InterLogger also incorporates many useful and innovative functions, including multiple CODEC, Live Monitor, and Software Upgrade via Internet.




Flexible Deployment

  • Economic solution for the requirement of 4 to 8 ports.
  • Cascades up to 6 units for providing 48 ports with single management interface.
  • SMDR connectivity for trunk recording.

Large Storage

  • Built with HDD of 80GB for recording up to 27,000 hours of talking time. (Equivalent to speaking for 8 hours per day on all 8 ports for a whole year.)


Highly Secured with Sturdy Stability

  • Dedicated Modular Hardware
    IL-5000 utilizes the 4 channel dedicated modular upgrade capability, accommodating your corporate size. System software is also developed over a dedicated OS, providing reassured stability.
  • High Density Storage and Flexible Data Backup
    IL-5000 is equipped with a high performance HD capable of storing up to 40,000 hours/channels. Backup can also be done Real-time or by user defined schedule to anywhere the network is available and to any contemporary storage device including HD, DVD, CD/RW.

Dynamic Client-Server Structure
With the Client-Server Structure, the integration truly becomes flexible and can be customized for all sizes while adapting to the existing CTI and network structure.

Stackable and Scalable
The administrator can monitor, search, play and configure multiple loggers with a single InterLogger Console, located at different sites simultaneously, while backing up independently to anywhere the network is available. This makes the structure truly flexible and scalable and will protect your initial investments. InterLogger provides all your growing and dynamic business needs.

Multiple Class of Service
COS (class of service) is a combination of administrative authority for recording channel configuration and system administration

Central Management Solution
The optional central management solution is available for remote monitoring on multi-sites. The multi-site management allows central back-up, search-and-play, and live-monitoring by channel.

Robust Administrative Software
InterLogger is designed with the customers in mind. Via TCP/IP, all system configurations and log/live monitor can be done anywhere with a few clicks at your finger tips.

Incorporating the most modern GUI, allowing the user to quickly adapt to the interface without any difficulties.

All records can be accessed via TCP/IP protocol, and searched by multiple attributes at the same time.

System keeps the complete logs with System Name, Channel Number, Extension Number and User, Caller ID, Time and Date, Duration, and etc. Using wisely the combination of these searching keys will bring the managing jobs easier than ever.

System administrators and the phone users are able to access the logs with the accessibility granted by their respective ranks.


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