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UniKey dongle is a small driverless hardware to plug in computer USB port. Each UniKey dongle presents a unique digital signature that is recognized by the software to be protected, therefore, the software allows its correct operation. UniKey dongle offers a solution for software protection and content protection in a high security way.

UniKey is today’s most successful software license and copyright protection dongle that is built by SecuTech’ s, innovative anti-cracking technology & architecture. UniKey is different to that of other competing products - this driverless super thin dongle comes with at least 4K memory and is also ready to protect up to 64 software modules. There is a computing engine embedded within the dongle and developers can define upto 128 security algorithms for advanced protection. UniKey supports onboard encryption algorithms that provide secure and powerful encryption/decryption functions and UniKey also comes with a convenient Developer Defined Password Scheme, Seed Generation Algorithms, Globally Unique Hardware ID, and much more.

License Management System
License Management System provides you with a user-friendly software module that will make your software protection and license distribution management so easy. Together with the UniKey dongle, it is a combination of Hardware Key + License Management System. Our mission it to provide you with the most cost effective software license and copyright protection option all in one package. With the UniKey license management system, you can easily read, write, edit, track information to and from the dongle distribution database, fully test and format, and also update a specific unit or batch of dongles.

UniKey– a “small” genius
UniKey is a powerful system offering software publishers a protection for software against unauthorized copying, use and distribution. UniKey software protection system is designed with ease of use and high speed as a priority without sacrificing high levels of protection. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, UniKey offers a full range of the latest software licensing options to suit your needs

Key Benefits:

  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Prevent unauthorized use of your software
  • Enable creating innovative licensing and pricing models
  • Increase sales and revenue Reduce your post-sales service cost
  • Experienced and efficient technical support
  • Longer time warranty

Unikey-SDK (Software Developer’s kit)
Using a software developer’s kit, software developers can protect applications with the right hardware key by calling for the dongle’s presentation. UniKey API protection scheme ensures the highest security for software vendors. Using enveloper owner can encrypt content of a file. Without proper authentication, all content in the files is encrypted and inaccessible. Only an authorized user can access the correct content of the files. The functionality can be extended to anti-copying, which various copy protection solutions can be derived.

UniKey in the Build Stage of the Software Project Life Cycle
Protection is to secure an application of software copy rights by incorporating automated and customizedprotection by implementing specific security strategies. Software engineers use variety tools provided by UniKey Software Protection Solutin to protect applications.

  • Envelope – Automatic wrapping your applications with a protective shield is the fastest and easiest way to secure software without requiring access to the software source code.
  • API – Incorporating various security methods with application code and wraps the executable file with numerous protection layers that are randomly assembled. UniKey Software Protection System Run-time API provides maximum flexibility and compatibility with a wide variety of development tools and operating systems.

Platform Support
UniKey supports major operating systems and programming environments.


Why Software Protection?
Anti-Piracy? Yes. Software protection is to gain as much benefit as possible from software sales and to control the sales channels. Software providers can be more aware of how their software is distributed, and how many copies are sold.

Why UniKey dongle?
UniKey dongle is simple, saving you time and energy. The UniKey is powerful, yet easy to implement, it is built to a high standard and quality, and outperforms its competition in reliability.

What is ‘driverless’?
The UniKey software protection dongle is driverless, which means you need not install a driver on the supported operating system. The operating system embeds the driver and installs the driver utomatically. Since the most frequent problems that occur at the end-user side are driver installation, UniKey overcomes this problem perfectly.

What operating system does UniKey support?
Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64 bit. MacOS X, Linux (2.2 and above).

What programming language does UniKey support?
Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Power Builder, Java, Access, Real Basic, Fortran and etc. Any compiler works with DLL/LIB.

What is the meaning of the light on the UniKey dongle?
If the light is flashing, it means either the UniKey dongle is working or the system did not install the driver properly. You can update/replace the driver manually. If the light is a constantly bright light, it means the UniKey dongle is ready to use.

Can I modify the password of a UniKey dongle?
Yes. Each UniKey dongle can only generate new password TWICE. When generating a new password, the dongle is fully formatted.

Can others duplicate my UniKey dongle?
No. Please keep your seed for your passwords in a safe place. Without knowing the seed, no one can generate the same password.

How can I pick up the usage of UniKey?
In the SDK CD, you can find a video tutorial, which gives you an instant outlook of the UniKey usage.

Is UniKey environment-friendly?
Yes, UniKey dongle is environment-friendly. All the parts and the production process are lead-free and ROHS-compatible.

Can I label the UniKey dongle with my logo?
Yes, please contact or your reseller in your local area.

Where can I get assist when protect my software?
We are happy to provide high-quality service to our customers. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at, our professional team will provide you instant help.

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