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digital signage
Digital Signage is a term used to describe visualization of information sequence on an electronic screen, such as LCD/Plasma screen, projector Screen, and LED Display Board. Pieces of information in digital signage are arranged by a computer application, and distributed through a network for a reception and display on local computers connected to electronic screens.

As a Digital Signage Solution provider, Gemanusa has given and will always give considerable help to companies that choose to implement digital signage system

  • Front office information, inpatient wards and inpatient facilities
  • Out patient and pharmacy queuing system
  • Product information and hospital services and other kinds of internal information TV Channels
  • Electronic directory (floor plan)
  • External product promotion and commercial services
  • Other information; congratulations, doctors’ consulting schedules, health education, etc

  • Departure and arrival schedule
  • Weather information, advertisement, and others
  • Tourism promotion
  • Electronic directory (restaurants, hotels, and public transportation)
  • Information on product promotion and financial service
  • Real time information on foreign exchange rates, interest rates, or other data (integrated to the company’s IT application)
  • Information at the call center area
  • Interactive information kiosks
  • Corporate communication board
  • Queuing system at the front office

  • Information on Product promotion and service
  • Information on facilities and service provider
  • Information on itinerary
  • Content publisher and management for internal TV channel
  • Electronic directory (floor plan)
  • Public information system
  • Public information system to assist counselling activities, publication of community service advertisement and other publications
  • Queuing system for public service users at government offices
  • Supplementary system to improve information visualization in a video conference among government offices and officials
  • A media to distribute and display internal information among government offices
  • A media to display polling information and voting tally in a meeting
  • Scoring and monitoring board for statistical data of government offices
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